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Twin Bear


TB (Twin Bear): Round pin mid length with only 2 boxes positioned for 2 fins only. If a loose middy is your desire look no further. No corners on a hull outline means slip when upright. Two fin minimalist cluster (one for your toe and one for your heel) straight across the bottom means loose. Tune it with big ole keels to slide less and shorter upright twins for more slip. Where do we need more slip? On small/tight wave faces to fit smaller turns. Bigger & faster sections maybe less slide/longer turns? The choice is yours, amigo.


6'6" - 21" x 2.8" 41.3 ltrs

7'0" - 21.5" x 2.8 46.5 ltrs

7'6" - 22" x 2.9 54 ltrs

Fin SetupĀ