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Step This Way


STW (Step This Way): A nose rider log comprising of a stepped deck/scooped nose to facilitate a downward bend when weight is up on the nose tip. This flattens entry rocker and extend tip rides. An old concept that is fun, interesting & works if the rider is quick on their feet. These are most often equipped with a thinnish wood stringer to allow for the bending of the nose where the step is located. Has a wide tail with a flip behind the fin box to provide ballast when the tail is buried in the wave. This is a focused nose riding log for soft & small surf, it is not wise to force them to endure medium-large & bigger surf especially while using a leg rope as there is a chance they will not survive.


9'0" - 22.5" x 3" 68.6 ltrs

9'4" - 23" x 3.25" 79 ltrs

Fin SetupĀ