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Squid Tickler


ST (Squid Tickler): Born as a plus 9' golden era ('64-'67) and a homage to the Phil Edwards style of log that this shaper had the privilege of riding some. The foil is slightly thicker front than back with an on center rocker that does not rely on flips on either end to save beginner surfers that choose bad lines but demands the surfer catch waves somewhat out the back & knows how to take off in trim if they are late. Rocker is hidden throughout the middle which results in a very fast but predictable trim & turn that begs for that sweet & fast high line. That does not mean it will not climb over foam balls after nicely placed bottom turns and respond to more modern techniques, it just wants to do them more laterally and down the wave closer to the fast trim line. It has evolved over several generations of refinement to mid lengths that include a nose concave underneath for early entry and linking of sections that flatten out then leading to a double concave (spiral) vee under the back foot to soften high speed runs like a 1967 Cadillac does.


7' - 21.5" x 2.8 46 ltrs

7'6" - 21.75" x 3" 53 ltrs

8' -22.25" x 3.1" 59 ltrs

9' - 22.75" x 3.1" 70 ltrs

Fin SetupĀ