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Jet Pack Fish


Barely a fish is the best way to describe this shape. Primarily a small to medium wave weapon meant for speed it shares much with retro fish shapes but with a slightly pulled nose and a condensed tail block. Retaining tail corners like a fish but only having a .75" deep swallow allows it to possess more planing surface than a true fish so more of the most crucial skimming area is accessible. Fin box positions are similar to high performance thrusters for stick, drive and squirt with less slip and slide like twin fin fish but with 5 boxes it can be tuned as desired.


5ft. 4" x 20.5" x 2.5" 31 liters

5ft. 6" x 20.6" x 2.55" 33 liters

5ft. 8" x 20.75" x 2.6" 34.7 liters

5ft. 10" x 20.8" x 2.7" 36.7 liters

6ft. 0" x 21" x 2.75" 38.6 liters

6ft. 2" x 21.25" x 2.8" 41 liters

6ft. 4" x 21.5" x 2.9" 44.5 liters

Fin SetupĀ 

5 boxes