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Hot Rod Log


A narrow tailed 3 finned log featuring multiple concaves and degrees of finely tuned rails pulled from shortboards. Good amount of rocker in the tail to aid in turning from the middle of the board as well as riding very short when riding from the tail. Not extremely wide or thick they are much like a mini van with a turbo that will do a crazy burnout. Crazy guys will use them to ride the big days. But make no mistake it will ride some very tiny days well also- after all it is a log.


8ft. 6" x 22" x 2.75" 56.9 liters

9ft. x 22.25" x 2.75" 62.6 liters

9ft. 2" x 22.5" x 2.8" 67.34 liters

9ft. 4" x 22.75" x 3" 72.12 liters

Fin Setup 

2 + 1 Boxes