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Happy Ending


Wide nose fun board. Lots of float combined with a flat, even rocker. Easy to catch waves and very stable. Family friendly. Perfect first surfboard. Anyone can have a ball on this one. Very low ego emissions. Dogs fit well on the nose. Kids get stoked on surfing quickly with them. Will catch waves way off the peak and cruise along on a wave barely breaking. We have fine tuned these shapes over time to maximize the good time factor for anyone. When on one every session has a happy ending because your head is in the right place. A fun log/baby log shape that does not ride like a wet noodle.


6ft. 4" x 21.25" x 2.6" 39.7 liters

6ft. 8" x 21.75" x 2.75" 45.7 liters

7ft. 6" x 22.25" x 3" 57 liters

8ft. x 22.5" x 3.25" 66 liters

8ft. 6" x 22.75" x 3.4" 72.6 liters

9ft. x 23" x 3.6" 81.7 liters

9ft. 6" x 23.25" x 3.8" 94.4 liters

10ft. x 24" x 4" 108 liters

Fin SetupĀ 

2 + 1 Boxes