Hammer Headsup

Hammer Headsup

Squeezing curves on to a SUP for ease of handling in and out of the water while maintaining stability and glide is a challenge. This shape will do it all in a smaller package. A surf inspired board with the width being the larger determining factor in selection for rider size, ability and application more than the length of the hull. Narrow for light rippers and wider for heavier gliders but only around eight feet of length. Straight planing hull style rail lines and deepish split up bottom concaves get it up skimming quickly but the short length keeps it very manueverable.


7ft. 10"  x  28.4"  x  4.16"  110 liters
7ft. 10"  x 31.5"  x  4.25"   126 liters
7ft. 10"  x  33"   x   4.25"   132 liters
8ft. 6"    x  31.5" x  4.25"   137 liters

Fin Setup

4 plus one ten inch center box