Single fin tanker without a hard edge anywhere on the hull. Soft like the waves it likes it is inspired by our collection of old school logs that were built in mid sixties. A displacement hull that doesn´t need hard parts to plane it off, only a nose concave to extend time on the nose. Barn door style pivot fin comes standard to complete the endless summer vibe.

  • Dimensions

  • 9ft. x 22.8"x 3"   71.3 liters
  • 9ft. 2" x 23" x 3.1"   74.3 liters
  • 9ft. 6" x 23.25" x 3.25"  81.4 liters
  • 10ft. x 24" x 3.8"  96.4 liters

  • Fin Setup

  • 1 Box