DADA Copasetic

DADA Copasetic

Works best in ankle snappers to over head high surf. A no frills fun shape with a super price aimed at anyone and everyone. This is the what high minded surfers call a pop-out in the tradition of Malibu, Delta, Healthways and many, many others over the years. Basic low rockered 3 fin ready to spend many years on the beach. Kids knee paddle it like a longboard, girlfriends stand on their first wave with it, Dad can carve with it and Mom can try surfing on it too. Durable epoxy/EPS construction that is entirely repairable. Comes with Future Systems fins not some strange oddball fin you can never get a replacement for. Not a spongey softboard that barely lasts 1 season before the bottom peels off giving the kids a bad arm, leg and belly rash the whole time. Also available in old school polyester resin/ polyurethane foam, wood stringer and fiberglass construction we all know and love.

  • Dimensions

  • 7ยด8 Length
  • 21.5" Width
  • 2.8" Thickness
  • 17" -/+ Nose
  • 14.5" -/+ Tail

  • Fin Setup

  • 3 Boxes