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My name is Gary Wilson and I am Kinetic Surf Designs. I am just another local shaper guy like the thousands of others on the many beaches around the world. 

Tens of thousands of surfboards have passed under my grinder, planer, paintbrush, airbrush, squeegee, pencil, computer and feet. I have pulled many miles of masking tape on boards, and I have developed a catalog of pretty cool designs over the years and would like to share them with you. My goal is to get people on the right equipment for where they are in their surfing experience. In other words, nurture the stoke! 

From raw beginners to elite, salt-encrusted wave riding masters, I can help you get the most from your next paddle out.


"My goal is to get people on the right equipment for where they are in their surfing experience. In other words, nurture the stoke!"

Board of the Month

The Kingfish

Not really a fish as much as a swallow tail mid size shortboard. This shape was designed with good waves and bigger dudes in mind. Not too much but just enough rocker for steeper waves. It likes to cover ground in long sweeping turns with just enough looseness and pivot to  fit in a good slasheroo now and then. Proponents like this one because of the way it paddles and catches waves as as holding in on the fun bowling sections. We have been fitting them with 5 fin boxes lately for max versatility and adaptability.


7ft. Length
21" Width
2.75" Thickness
44.4 liters

Fin Setup

5 Box

Bo Knows Surfing

The Kinetic Surf Blog

Salt Sticks To You Until The End!
Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My good friend Bo Bacot has volunteered to help provide some words that will help keep us stoked. He represents that connection to the surf and beach lifestyle that I feel many people can relate to. His formative years were spent fishing, skimming, sailing, chasing surf and all that the beach lifestyle entails before moving inland to pursue a career. He shows that experiences had in the water like recollections of great rides of ours and others, muscle memory and wave knowledge stick with us until the end. The pull of the coast is always there if you lived it. 

- G. Wilson
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